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I am an Oni game developer.



Soon I'm going to review IObit, that one antivirus that has a broken base; you like it cause it improves or you hate it because it's malware.
I have followed the underground tunnel I discovered from the broken walls. The secret passage was of wall debris and metals. Of course, this is outside of the interior rooms and is what compresses outside of the room area.

At the end of the route coming in from a white floor tile, in an empty storage room with a blocked off door by crates with the Assuru logo, there was a computer and robot. As the robot was turned off, I decided to turn it on.

"Hello, I am ASSURU-45, also known as AssuruTrap, at your service. Now, what can I do you for?"

"Hey! Glad your working. Now, what is the point of the Thinning?"

"Sorry, I do not know anything regarding to the Thinning. But, are you talking about the 10-241?

"10-241 and the Thinning is basically the same thing. What's the point of the 10-241?"

"Ah yes! 10-241. The 10-241 is a test we take to whether or not we are eliminated from the public!"

"I thought we were supposed to be executed."

"Emperor Glavenus wanted us to work on more tablets for a secret project I cannot explain since he never gave any of the DPC guards details. He just simply stated it."

"Who is that Emperor Glavenus? Where is he?"

"Oh, I don't know. You'll need to find out yourself."

After my conservation with the AssuruTrap is over. I decided to go on that computer. However, that computer said 'SWIPE ADMIN CARD". Seeing that one lock hole on that AssuruTrap, I decided to take a paperclip, stick it into the lock, and to release a keycard for the computers. However, it also deactivated the AssuruTrap so if I were to reactivate that robot, I would have to put it back in. Swiping in the keycard, access was granted.

There was a grading system for the grades. I decided to choose Vista Point High, my score was set back to "fail" and Laina Michaels was back to "pass". Apparently they changed it for some reason, I don't know. Checking online for news regarding Assuru Global, I found this.

"Assuru Hunters Hijack Truck"

"Four trained warriors armed with weapons, hijack a truck that belonged to the DPC and Assuru Global, inside it they found students that were to be still alive. Assuru Global refuses to give any information regarding 10-241's real scheme, but all we know is that the 10-241 is supposed to execute the failed students, not keep them alive. Team Assuru Hunters sent this email saying:

"Yeah, you do realize you are keeping your failed students alive? Aren't you supposed to execute them?
Call me at 123-456-789-ASSURUHUNTERS"

Seeing that phone number. I went to the phone app and dialed the phone number. Apparently it was live talk.

A face popped up with lights on: "This is Lord Vector, leader of the Assuru Hunters."

"Ah yes! I am Blake Redding, son of Governor Dean Redding. We're still alive in the company, we are not being executed but instead we are working for Assuru Global making more tablets for the tests. So, why did you hijack a truck and hide all of the evidence?

"Sure, I could explain that. We hijacked the truck because we are against Assuru Global's schemes by finding out those trucks had alive failed students in them. The truck only had 2 failed students, so their trained by me and Lord Baldur to be Assuru Hunters. Meet Crimson Rose Iris." Iris then walked in and introduced herself.

"I am Iris, master gunner that aims to destroy the evils with my chained blade and revolver."

"And we have Leon, our Freyja armed with semi-automatic rifles and grenades." Leon then walked in and introduced himself.

"I am Leon, air rifleman that will show no mercy to those scheming Assuru."

"So, how are you guys holding out?" I said to the camera.

"We're doing fine, but we need your help. Can you tell us the location of this place? The DPC guards on the truck wouldn't explain so I had to execute them as they might be planning some scheme to take over the world. Now, got any information regarding the location of Assuru Global?"

"Sure, the location is in a new city called Astralglaive in Texas. There's no information regarding this city yet, but all we know that it's in a small building fenced in and comes in by trucks and gates."

"Thanks, that's all we need! We are going to be on our way!"

"Are you sure that you guys can do it?"

"Ah yes, our Hunters are very well trained and are very armed with the right tactics. Now, Leon, Baldur, Iris, we have found the location of Assuru Global. Hunters, away!"

The phone call just ended there. It's 3:30 now, and we do our hours from 5:30 am to 6:30 pm. Anyways, deleting all information regarding to the call and putting the keycard back to the robot. I went back to the room to get some rest while I wait for my factory hours.

Will those hunters ever make it inside to Assuru Global and rescue the alive ones? Find out next chapter of the Thinning 2!
The Thinning 2: Chapter 2
Blake Redding finally calls in for some help. But is ever making it in Assuru Global easy? Find out on Chapters 3 and 4! There will be 12 chapters, and there will be action!
Welcome to the dungeons. With a squad of 5 guys and 1 unit, you've got to exterminate the dungeons. But, to beat the monsters you gotta match pieces by dragging and dropping the pieces to move them up. Watch them charge and nuke them out when you hope to get a dozen pieces. Just no plot needed for your sake why your going into the dungeons.

Watch those monsters start getting difficult really fast, and the slow hard hitters become Souls-like as they nuke you from nearly the highest amount of HP reached. Yeah, your dragons can't die, only you are the target. Watch at these guys become frozen and skill locked. Get poisoned with poison blocks with no clue what to do on them. Match the bombs to defuse them, and get ready some insanely strong hard hitters.

Evolve your units only to see that the stat inflation on them isn't very big. 8* and 10* aren't strong compared to each other and the power creep is real that some monsters aren't useful. Gotta think up your strategy because if you can't do enough damage, get rekt as the 1 damage guys do 9999 damage to you.

Explore the dungeons, grab new badges, change skills, feed your dragons TAMADRA toys, collect 5 to 10 monsters that tend to be or not to be useful, and learn to not get hit as the later dungeons have no healing allowed.

Starring, this big red dragon, Flappy Egg Toy, Metal Dragons, the monsters, and the magic blocks.
I'm really on the edge of this game. This game was inspired by Chain Chronicle due to the fact that instead of elements, there are classes which fight differently. Note if any of you like this game, I'm fine with that. I'm going to here point out the problems of this game.

Crusaders Quest was released in 2014 by Load Complete, I first heard of it from a ad on my school iPad from a game I was playing. It's just like Chain Chronicle, except the combat is different but inherits the weapon classes.

It's a game where you start off with a hero named Leon, and then you embark on a adventure going around rescuing people and collecting bread, weapons, etc.

You think I might enjoy this game since this is actually easy to pick up and play?  Right?!

Absolutely not. It has limited combat (spam skill blocks again and again and use secondary blocks), big power creep (One unit is almost invincible in this game unlike most of these games like this), and has chaotic combat, and the quest is the hardest part. It feels like two developers made this really annoying mismash.

What I hate is that the heroes have small armor customization. That means, it's extremely rare to find defense upgrades. Not to mention the late-game Hunters like to wreck your party with the bullet spam attack, and the military in the late-game tends to chop off a quarter of units' health with a single attack.

Second, why is there only THREE heroes you can bring instead of like 5 or 4? That makes the game even more limited the heroes only have skill blocks and their normal attack does scratch damage.

Third, there's only daily quests and weekly quests. They forgot the common achievement system. You know, that system where you do objectives and you gain rewards? That's the most basic thing, why is there no achievement system? Why am I saying this? Because, the gold rate is really low on the quests (you only get around hundreds but the training rates with bread jump up to ten-thousands and the weapons can get pretty high)

Fourth, the title of this game. "Crusaders Quest." Your called mercenaries, not crusaders, (it actually alters between mercenaries and crusaders) and the quest is called Quest. If your gonna call the game Crusaders Quest, shouldn't the quest be called "Crusades"? I wonder why they even called it that even though it has nothing mentioned about crusades... The crusades were "a medieval military expedition, one of a series made by Europeans to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries.", and the secondary meaning was that "lead or take part in an energetic and organized campaign concerning a social, political, or religious issue.". Wait a minute. I gotta check the cutscenes if they mention anything about crusades. Maybe I'm overreacting, though. Oh, I understand why this game is called Crusaders Quest. They go on an expedition around Hasla to stop Sylunis from resurrecting the Apostles, and then to the snowfields, to the battlefields, and to a holy city.

Fifth, animal heroes. There's a dog hero and a bear hero that can stand on their hind legs. This is not how dogs walk or bears walk. Also, how do they even get random dogs/bears or whatever animal to fight for them? Do I really care anyway?

The leader benefit is dumb. All it does is like add more of the leader's skill blocks. That's the best idea they've got for a leader benefit? Why not something cool like a leader skill that increases stats or anything like that?

In Practice Mode, some SBW weapon effects don't even work. Rachel's SBW doesn't even work. I can't even activate the batstorm attack. Also, there's a grayed out "Extreme" after you max out a weapon. Fergus tells you that the weapon can't be upgraded. Are you trying to tease us or what? I heard that extreme means a upgrade that can fail. I predict in 2017 they'll add purple star awakening, and maybe Leon will get his cape and his awakened Excalibur, and if you fail, upgrade materials will be lost and the weapon will not awaken. One major problem with this is that the more you upgrade it, the more expensive it gets. I wonder how high it can go. Hundred-thousands? Millions? If higher than hundred-thousands, that would be insane without a upgrade reset ticket or whatever is used.

Not to mention the enemy has a "Secret AI Move": the enemies can use physical and magic immunity, while most playable heroes in general can't. Secret AI moves are when the enemy has a crazy move that the enemy can pull but the playable versions of them can't. The only way to stop the immunity and buff attacks to use Anut, the Desert Goddess, but pray that she can cancel them out unless you got a certain hero that can do that! It's going to be insane if you have only physical guys with no Bella if they were to cast attack ups and physical immunity. It's guaranteed game over if they do that.

I noticed that the reason to loop the first part is because the monsters are regrouping together. The stages' names are pointless, and they should be different. If it weren't for those loops, that would make it a REALLY SHORT GAME.

The combat is boring, all they do is move to the right and fight enemies. I wish you were able to control the heroes so they can dodge certain attacks. Yeah, the combat is like this: Spam, dead, spam, dead! That's the entirety of Crusaders Quest. You spam skill blocks and you use goddess powers, without any friggin strategy whatsoever. It feels like one of those real-time tactics Brave Frontier-like games similar to Heroes Charge, Dragon Blaze or Soul Hunters. (those Brave Frontier-like games where combat is continous where everyone's fighting at the same time. Monster Squad for example had your monsters fight using regular attacks at the same time) but much boring and limited.

It's too limited in it's combat. There's no strategy here all you do is spam block attacks over and over until you get the boss and more spamming of of the blocks. There's no Overdrive or Ultimate Skill Block or anything like that. Strategy is a MAJOR KEY in most Brave-Frontier like games, but with the chaotic combat and crap like that, there's absolutely NO STRATEGY at all. It's mostly just wailing on enemies and nuking them with millions of skill blocks and crap like that.  For your average hack-n-slash action rpg (HiT, for example), it's okay, but for an Brave Frontier-like game where it's just spamming attacks, it's really disappointing for it's combat.

Not to mention you have to spam alot of skill blocks at the same time, and sometimes if it's just endless spamming really fast, the game can become insanely chaotic, to the point where there's like dozens of attacks and hits that you won't even know what's gonna happen. So much attacks is going on making it feel like cartoon catfights! Where there's ruckus in this one area, combat is in this cramped area, and you'll see fast-paced chaos there! You won't even have time to think about what to do especially if your in a situation where it's one wrong move and your team get nuked!

I hate the underwater stages on the first loop, the Jellyfish guys are the worst; they like to shoot lasers that always hit your party. And you know what's even more annoying! The volcano stages are more straight forward. Why give the underwater stages the worst enemies? To prevent kids from being able to see the rest of the game?

And then the late game after that is designed so that you have NO chance of surviving unleash you get a SPECIFIC TRIO of heroes while everyone else gets wrecked pretty quickly. What I'm saying is that the power creep is friggin real, and what were they thinking?! Won't you believe, they had to nerf like 2 times?! Why can't you just simply make it like it was in the first place? It seems like, with this trio of heroes you gotta hope that those guys won't get wrecked pretty quickly! Why make it like that? To prevent kids from continuing on? How the heck are youngster fans supposed to beat this game? Also, regarding dupes, when you get dupe 4*, there is no real reason to use dupes except to sell them.

What makes it even worse is that they actually give the bosses 1 hit kill buffs, meaning one shot from them and your dead. You got to be kidding me, ask yourself this:
"If your seeking a bigger and more fair challenge, should you keep focusing on your attack strategies or make them one-shot your units? One shotting is going to be insane, so go for the more strategic choice."

Normally, I don't have a problem with a power creep. If I can take advantage of the power creep, let's say I use Optimus in Elsword and it kills everything easily with mechs, I can accept that, but if the game takes advantage of the power creep just to make the game even more boring, then it sucks.

The worst thing it has to be, it's length. SEVEN EPISODES with around 20 to 25 stages, and FOUR LOOPS. If you exclude the loops, that makes a very short game. That means, until the next update, your gonna run out of stages pretty quickly, and that will make it there will be no reason to play it again. Not to mention that a really short game equals a really annoying game. Oh, and to make things even more disappointing, the quest mode is the hardest part of the game too.

Yeah, that is the problem, the power creep here is so bad and customization is so stale: that's the best I can do: (unlocking Chronos in Episode 6)

Equipment variety is absolute stale. Only a weapon, and a ring that boosts like 3 to 4 stats. Why not something like runes or armors or sets like that so we can have some more variety to boost our heroes?! Yeah, back then there was no rings at all, meaning customization was extremely stale back then with very limited stat boosts.

Now we got Ancient Dungeon. Here, the energy rate here is one dungeon energy is 20 minutes. The dungeons here are basically legendary hero dungeons and weapon dungeons. The worst weapon dungeon is the sword dungeon because Leon always wipes you with his SBW attack. How are you supposed to dodge that? He always nukes you everytime! Oh, and Road of Ruin is even worse. Out of nowhere your going to get nuked by some mysterious lightning strikes  that I don't know how to deal with or mitigate at all. Oh, and the end legendary hero duels are straight forward as you can nuke them with SBW weapons. Oh, and that unexpected gameplay change in Witch Race? Your not allowed to bring mages or archer so your only ranged attack are commonly hunters as their also gunners. Oh, and it's RNG whether or not you can spam skill blocks in time to keep the pace up after the opposing witch.

Brave Frontier is TIMES better than this junk, you can have up to 5 heroes, dozens of buffs, merit point shop, simple strategic combat, (not chaotic) quest is not the hardest part, (Sure, the final boss of the second episode is like ToA 100 Hard, but at least it's a bonus boss!) omni evolution (I wonder if other games had omni-evolution)

The story however, is sadly the most interesting thing. It feels like two development teams created this game. One designed the combat and gameplay, and one designed the story. Evil goddesses and evil forces taking over the land, and then new forces arrive and all sorts of twists and turnings!

I wish there were more upgrades, like purple star awakening, transcendence, or 7*. Not many games I've seen except Soul Seeker and Brave Frontier I've seen so far have 7*. Soccer Spirits is getting 7*, so that makes it like only 3 games that have 7*. Like I said, there isn't much strategy and changing them up is quite stale.

Here's another comparison. Someone just beat Karna Masta with only 7* Brave Frontier heroes. That's a good self-imposed challenge. Kinda like beating ToA 100 Hard. Compare to Crusaders Quest... but you know what drives the power creep even further? TWO 4* heroes and ONE 6* PALADIN can beat the final boss in this game. Probably one of the dumbest ways to make units for an Brave Frontier-like game. Want me to prove it???: 2 4* 1 6* VS Final You can solo the final stage in Summoners War with really good runes, but it's not as difficult as ToA 100 though and you can solo it with a tank unit. JewBagel even soloed Dragons 75 with that one tank unit that has HoT and debuff removal passive. What's next? Soloing ToA 100? Soloing is much harder in real-time tactics than it is in turn-based tactics, because the skills come in even more faster. In Chaos Chronicle, soloing is IMPOSSIBLE because you can't build up cancels in time before they nuke you with special attacks. (You have to cancel enemy special moves to avoid getting nuked in Chaos Chronicle). Soul Seeker is also impossible to solo because you won't have enough resistance or HP to survive a few hits (as the enemies late-game do damage thousands beyond your maximum defense)

This just shows why power creeps are a major problem in MMOs. The power creep is EVEN WORSE than Brave Frontier. Ask yourself this if your making an MMO, "are you going to aim to make an unstoppable unit to put everyone down?" Imagine this. Summoners War has just introduced a new unit. A player summons that unit, and then decides to beat Trial of Ascension F100 Hard using that only one unit, only to find that the unit can nuke the enemies easily by percentage of HP! Tell me, would Com2uS ever make a decision to make an overpowered unit that makes everyone have high defense and do damage by max HP? No other than this game I've seen had dared to introduce a unit like that. Imagine if Com2uS was like "Hey, we are going to introduce a new unit. You'll be able to drain target's max HP and be able to have 50% chance of wipe damage turning into 1!" Com2uS would NEVER do that.

One major secret when it comes to gem gaining is PvP. You get into Bronze rank, and you get your weekly 3 gems, and congratulations: You've learned the secret of gem gain in Crusaders Quest. Oh, and to be insulting the arena energy rate is like 2 hours or something like that. Friggin unbelievable.

There's Bridget Points, which you have to grind up to get crap like hero selection or weapon selection or whatever you need to continue the game. At least you can get it from daily rewards.

Why is this game really grindy? It's the power creep, and the summon cost. The cost is like 6 gems, and you can only get them from dungeons and reaching max level on units. Who wants to summon for 7 gems from 2* to 6* while they could just summon a premium instead? Next question to ask yourself is this. "Are you going to easily cruise through the first 4 worlds, then be forced to spend alot of time grinding to get something good in the later worlds? You could just play Summoners War at the time of the grind." This is why Summoners War has a less annoying grind than Crusaders Quest: They have Secret Dungeons, Hall of Heroes, free energy, use dupes to level up skills, automatic money gain and even AUTOMATIC GEM GAIN! It even has an achievement system while Crusaders Quest sadly does not.

That means, have fun struggling in the late game finding your way through the power creep. And an average player would get 6* by the beginning of the first loop. Not to mention that you have only two attacks, and who knows what you actually need to nuke the enemies AND not get nuked back? Sure, Seven Knights had you cruise through the late-game with only 6*, and Summoners War did that for ToA 100, but at least their not "spam, dead. Spam, dead!"

Somebody said when looking for games like Brave Frontier, they said this game was extremely grindy. I agree with that, of course. Somebody else even said that people are struggling because of the very limited pool of useful units. At least there are people with common sense about this game and that it takes advantage of the power creep.

Well my biggest criticism for this game, overwhelmingly has to be it's upgrade system. Well, you might say that upgrade aren't a big problem, upgrade your weapons with stat boosts, etc. Yeah, but the bottom line is how it costs:
What makes the game such a friggin *financial* ripoff is the gem weapon cost. It costs 12 gems (nearly how much it costs to summon 3* to 6* twice) to reroll an upgrade with "Great" success, while it costs like 60/70 Bridget Points (you can also get those from daily reward) to do that. 12 gems (3 a week) for one upgrade is completely unacceptable especially to this day just to milk 12 gems for an casual weapon upgrade.

What they should've done to make money, is like in Summoners War, they should improve customization, and maybe give something like a good challenge like Trial of Ascension, and maybe some Guild Wars, which this game lacks. There are legendary dungeons, but after that, there's no reason to play them again after you get all of them. Yeah, there's no real reason to use dupes except for selling. I hope they improve in the future...

Wow... Okay, I need to calm down for a bit, and let's actually go through this. It's stupid, terribly stupid. Sure, the idea of goddess powers is cool, but let's look at this.
  1. If you have a big batch of units, and if you want to release more, you shouldn't be making them purposely OP. I've seen Summoners War rebalance their units a lot, and they do things like Secret Dungeon and Hall of Heroes, where you can get summon pieces for a specific unit in that dungeon. Worst of all if you were to get dupes, there's no real reason to use them except for selling.
  2. You shouldn't be making your late-game staggering to make the game even more grindy, and make the grind take advantage of the power creep. It only makes the game even more boring.
  3. If your going to have a way to replay stages, have some quests, achievements, and some reason to grind.
  4. If your just making f2p players very limited gem gain (3 a week without much events or anything like that) and the gem prices are high. I can tell you it just makes the game, even more boring. Even Nexon's Chaos Chronicle is generous enough, and Summoners War had free gems and energy and events. Don't forget that 12 gem ripoff f2p players...
  5. One thing I forgot to mention is to add insult to injury: the energy rates get steep to like 30 something (and it recharges like 6 to 10 minutes or something like that)
It's ruined by the fact that the late game is unexpectably staggering, and that there's no way to beat it unleash you get several SPECIFIC heroes that requires RNG to get. It just makes the game no fun and turns the grind even more real and boring. And there's some insane results you'll never see in any other game than this insane strategy, where all you do is stick random weak units, and then this unit, and you win with no problem at all. Sure, you can solo the final stage in Summoners War with a tank with lots of customization, and the boss is like level 50, but at least it's not taking advantage of the power creep! Not to mention the rate-ups are pointless. You could sink hundreds of gems and you still won't get it. I'm not sure what's the exact increase, though. There are games already much better and less repetitive and does not have chaotic combat, quest is not designed to the hardest  or the situation like this: 1 strong non-tank unit and everyone else weak can absolutely beat the hardest boss with no continues:
  • Brave Frontier: Very long RPG game that has omni-units
  • Soul Seeker: Action RPG that has omni (8*) units. This type of feature is VERY RARE in those games. There is a difference between 7* and purple star awakening. Purple star awakening gives the unit an EX Skill and changes it. 7* only boosts the stats and skills. Brave Frontier, Soccer Spirits, Soul Seeker, Puzzle and Dragons, World of Warriors, Soul Hunters, and Fantasica are the only games I've seen so far that had 7*.
  • Summoners War: Lots of variety in the strategic battles (although the early stages are allowing only three but later on you can hold like 5)
  • Chaos Chronicle: Does not use Brave Frontier's elements, instead heroes have battle types similar to Crusaders and Chain Chronicle. (Sure, it has continous combat, but at least it's not CHAOTIC)
  • Soul Hunters: Another real-time tactics game similar to Heroes Charge, GrandChase M, and Fellowship of Loux. Also has 7* units.
  • Seven Knights: Command a squad consisting of 5 units. Uses strategy and time-based gameplay.
Nevertheless, this is a terrible game, but there are more games out there that can be crazy and the grind can be abnoxious. But... if your making the grind in a way that you have to find OP units that can nuke the enemies without getting nuked themselves JUST TO CONTINUE THE GAME AND NOT FOR SIDE CHALLENGES OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. I can tell you that's the worst reason to grind I've ever seen. Summoners War had a steady curve with 3 loops per area, but at least you've got strategy and balanced units instead of being: spam, dead, spam, dead. So far, we had TWO games where it's all about endless grinding. Gameloft games, and this. Imagine what if Gameloft made this grindy game instead... I can surely tell you that Gameloft will send the grindiness even more deep if they made this game instead... I've heard there was a worse grindy game called Blood Brothers 2 but it got pulled already, so a review on that is never going to happen.

This is probably the hardest Brave Frontier-like because the the power creep is real and the lategame is unforgiving with no strategy and only chaos. (there are either weak 6* or overpowered 6* heroes and that there's someone beating it with 2 4*s and 1 6*) It isn't as frustrating as Fantasica TCG as only specific devices installed at specific times (there's an error they never bothered to fix)

I wonder what other Brave Frontier-like games had a Goddess power combat system? (where after activating enough attacks you can activate a power that gives buffs without costing a turn)

Fun fact: There was going to be a spinoff of Crusaders Quest called Ride Zero, but I think it's cancelled or on development hell since their Facebook or whatever source hasn't responded about anything.

  • Too chaotic for strategy (Imagine if in Chain Chronicle, you would only need one skill block per unit, and every unit activates their skill really fast. That just makes strategy disorienting and confusing.)
  • Late-game is insane (the enemies steep way too fast and takes advantage of the power creep, and the quest mode is the hardest part without anything else matching it's difficulty and doesn't have enough strategy than skill block spamming)
  • Lack of achievement system (A lot of games use this and they left that behind)
  • The energy to go on quests gets steep later on (4 to like 30?) and it recharges around 6 (or 10 minutes, I don't know the exact recharge rate though, gotta check)
  • Power creep is insane (if a unit can't do it and has no SBW, then it's likely trash)
  • Customization is absolute stale (one weapon and ring. That's it.)
  • No reason to use dupe units except to sell them
  • Limited in it's content
  • Upgrading a weapon with gems is a ripoff (the equivalent of 2 premium summons)
  • The name (game alters between being called crusaders and mercenaries)
  • Too boring
  • Strangely, if you look CLOSELY at the character busts, you can see some colors that looks like you could use an paint bucket tool in MS Paint. (not fully anti-alias filtered out rendering. I'm not sure if that's intentional.)
  • It's stupid


  • Good story
  • Good music
  • Good graphics (pixelated style similar to Brave Frontier's units in the combat, but has some rendering flaws)
  • 1.3 GB size (same size as Summoners War and this is one of those reviews where I found a problem and then they FIX something.

"Grindtwist: Easy Beginning, Grindy and Boring Ending."

Rating: 2/10
Difficulty: 10/10
Playability: 10/10
Fake Longevity Abuse: 10/10

Also, did you know that's there a clone of this game called Tales of Loss? I'll try that sometime. Could that clone be any better than this game? I don't know. We'll play that in the future...
  • Watching: Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Playing: RPG Maker VX Ace
Luba and Friends Adventure Logo
This is a new game series called Luba and Friends Adventure. Unlike Ao Oni Rising which would be a linear adventure game. Luba and Friends Adventure is going to be a open world RPG series of episodes (approximately 3 or 5).

It's going to follow the story of Ben Magala going seperate from Goddess Zydona's ways, thus the goal her is to "reunite the two". In the beginning, Luba had only one friend as a little girl, and that friend was Jack. Of course, they haven't met Niki and Steve on their first adventure (2nd episode is where Niki and Steve are introduced).

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